Thursday, June 17, 2010

2nd Day-Singapore Part1- 6June2010

woke up very early on the next day, and prepared to enter S'pore!!
so here we arrived at
Merlion on the hilltop
We were in the Sentosa
first, we were brought to Resort Casino, but so SAD!!!! I was not 21 yrs old and can't enter..
see properly!! there was a LAMBORGIHNI GALLARDO!!
Tsk... have been won by someone....

After finished trying their luck, we moved on to others place. This escalator had some animation on top. The colour of the escalator was constantly changing. It was so beautiful!!

Yeah, the Images Of Singapore shows some of the historical story(correct me if i am wrong).
Btw, we didn't enter due to to SHORTAGE OF TIME!!!!

This is the Universal Studios Of Singapore.
According to the tour guide, there are only three Universal Studios worldwide.
The first one is at LA,US, followed by Osaka, Japan and lastly Sentosa , Singapore.

I just managed to capture this "Universal" Earth due to the time limit........

to be continue.....

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